Paper Books Vs. eBooks: The State of the Art of Reading

The article that was assigned for this weeks reading really sparked my interest in the idea of eBooks. I thought the pros and cons for using eBooks as a child was very surprising. Some of the pros and cons were unexpected. After seeing people’s opinions of eBooks for children I wondered what people’s opinions were on eBooks for adults. I have always loved reading, but have always turned down the idea of getting a kindle or other forms of E-Readers. I had always enjoyed reading a paper back book, and being able to turn the page myself. I also do not necessarily like the idea of staring at a computer screen while reading. For class I always find myself printing out online readings and then reading them on paper instead.

The article I found regarding this subject is called, Paper Books Vs. eBooks: The State of the Art of Reading. I thought this article was very interesting because it covered both sides of the story. It gave pros and cons of each. Yes eBooks save space, paper, and can allow people who need larger font to be easily accommodated, but it can also strain your eyes from looking at a screen, and also doesn’t allow you to absorb the books’ information as well as reading a paper book. The physical act of turning a page enhances your memory of the text read on each page. Paper back books also have pros and cons. They are more expensive in the long run and are not as easy to obtain. Physical textbooks have been shown to increase a students understanding of the text, allowing them to physically annotate the text, and they also encourage readers to not just skim the text looking for important information, something that is very common with online articles.

Both E readers and paperback books are popular, and neither outweighs the other just yet. It comes down more to which your prefer to use.

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