Education to Better Their World

Education to Better Their World

Marc Prensky


This article detailed Marc’s analysis of the current education system and what he believes are the flaws that must be addressed in an effort to improve our world. Marc discusses that one of the critical issues with our current system is that it was based on individual effort. Students are studying to learn as much as they can about “the basics”, which will help them lead a successful life once they are out of school. He also argues that our current set up is wasting the potential of about ¼ of the human population (ages 5-20). Marc points out that the advances in technology have granted children the resources needed to greatly contribute to society, which many kids today already have begun utilizing.


I love Marc’s attitude in this essay. I couldn’t agree more with the idea that our education system is drastically outdated and needs to be modified. This is something that has been a large focus in my introduction to business management class as well. In that class we discussed how students today are trained to find the right answer, and to compete against one another, rather than work as a team. I believe that we as a society need to re-design the education system in order to promote teamwork and improve our world.


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