Tap, Click, Read is a new book addressing the growing demand of online books. Author, Lisa Guernsey, explains the importance of such educational online books. The main premise of the book is to explain a modern way for students to learn, specifically how students can learn to read. I find that especially in the current age of technology, online books are very important in teaching children. Personally, I am nervous to teach younger grades for fear of teaching reading. I think teaching a child how to read can be very overwhelming and scary, as it is a fundamental principle of life. I feel many parents also have fears around teaching their child/children how to read. Having assistive technology that correctly teaches children how to read is extreme helpful and beneficial. I think having children learn how to read on a screen can be much more interactive. There are many more assistive techniques and supports that go alone with the technology. Based on the Nation’s Report card, “more than two-thirds of American fourth graders are not reading at grade level.” I think this statistic shows that assistive technology would be very valuable for students learning to read. Technology is often more engaging and motivating for children. Currently most children are using tablets, computers and cellphones at a very young age. Children would be better off having the option to use such technology in a way that they can learn. Tap, Click, Read is a way for children to incorporate playing and learning together. I do feel that although technology can be extremely helpful in teaching children to read, it is important that children are also taught using paper books. Children should be experiencing both paper books and ebooks.

I used a reading app when I worked in a second grade classroom teaching reading. The app allowed the student I was working with to read a passage. The app recorded his voice. We worked on fluency and tone. The student was able to hear the progress he was making my listening back to the recording. The app also timed how long it took the student to read the passage. The student really enjoyed this way of leaning and practicing how to read. It was unique, as he had never done anything like it before. This made it very engaging for the student.


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