Does it really matter?

The article Picture Storybooks Go Digital: Pros and Cons by Daisy Smeets & Adriana Bus defiantly had some interesting thoughts and facts on the effectiveness of e-books. Originally I would have said that for sure books in print are better for children than e-books I however have changed my opinion to that print books and e-books are both instrumental tools to enhancing student’s vocabulary. I think that as long as the child is reading an appropriate text it shouldn’t really matter on what format. The most important thing is that the child is reading.
I do however see the benefit in being read aloud to by a parent opposed to listening to audio on an eBook. Parents can explain something that their child might have a question about and can ask them questions throughout the story. Parents however are busy and can’t be reading to their children 24/7. EBooks however can be readily available for children and are in many cases more attractive to the children then regular books. The article even said of eBooks, “Holding verbal and visual information in working memory at the same time may help children build stronger connections between visual and verbal information.” EBooks can have attributes that enhance learning. I think the eBooks v. print books debate should just be settled by letting the child use whatever exposes him or her to reading and vocabulary the most. Any method of reading should never be taken from a child. So basically does it really matter what their reading as long as their reading?


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