Viewing “Screen Time” Positively

The article I chose to look closely at is entitled: Common-Sense, Science-Based Advice on Toddler Screen Time — Finally!

This article is written by Lisa Guernsey and discusses science-based research that actually supports toddlers use of “screen time.” Speaking from an experienced babysitter, I have had my fair share of families that I have worked for. All different. Some families established a home where no screens at all were allowed. There were no iPads, cell phones, tablets, computers, or even television. Other families had no rules regarding screen time. Everything was allowed for usage for entertainment purposes as well as educational. Some families have a delicate balance with specific allotted times for their child’s electronics. It is astonishing to me how socially normal the word “screen time” actually is. The stigma behind children’s use of technology is very negative, and I never could figure out why.

Interestingly enough, Guernsey discusses a study explaining a 1-year old using web-cam interactions with her mother, thousands of miles away in China. The article explains the worry that the screen would somehow damage the baby. In fact, Guernsey explains, “Webcam-like interactions with loved ones can help young children form bonds and learn new words.” It is amazing that babies have the privilege now to form bonds and connections with their family members over a screen. Furthermore, I am baffled by the fact that some families actually use methods to turn their child’s head away from  a screen when in contact with one. It is not necessary to do these things- allotted technology is a good thing. For me, it is extremely important to monitor the content and the usage of what the child is viewing and or exploring with. A delicate balance between screen time and good old play is necessary and may vary child to child depending on their skills and development. Overall, I believe that the negative stigma of children using technology needs to change because technology will continue to evolve as well as their necessary experiences with it.


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