How Teachers Bring Digital Play to the Classroom

This is the report of a national survey on digital gaming in k-8 classrooms (with cool graphics!)

At first it was surprising to me that 74% of the teachers surveyed said they use games for instructional purposes — I was picturing a class full of students building in Minecraft on iPads –but later it was revealed that of those teachers who use games, 72% of them use desktops and laptops and only 9% use mobile devices. So that means that the reality might be more like the classrooms in which two or three computers in the back of the room are loaded with phonics games for the students to enjoy once they have finished their work.

I also wondered about the authors’ assumption that it breaks gender stereotypes for the report to find a higher percentage of female teachers (74%) than male teachers (69%) using games in their teaching… How many men could they have possibly had in their survey??


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